SDR Receiver sdrplay rsp1A Wideband SDR Receiver 1kHz~2GHz 14bit SDR AM FM HF SSB CW receiver Full band HAM Radio C5-011 (Best Offer #vlj8a Sep 2020 )

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Product Specification
    • Brand Name LUSYA
    • Compatible Brand/Model None
    • Model Number sdrplay rsp1A

Product Description


 SDR Receiver sdrplay rsp1A high performance 1kHz - 2000Mhz Wideband 14bit SDR 


● 1kHz–2000 MHz Continuous Coverage
● 14-bit ADC Silicon Technology
● Up to 10MhZ Visible Bandwidth
● 11 High-Selectivity Built-in Front End Preselection Filters
● Windows Linux Android  MAC & Raspberry Pi 3
● Free World-Class SDRuno Software
An open API allows developers to create new demodulators or applications around the platform.
The RSP1A is also compatible with HDSDR, SDR-Console and Cubic SDR software packages
Used with the free Professional SDRUno SDR Software you can enjoy all modes of operation whilst monitoring up to 10 MHz of spectrum in real time. SDRUno software allows you to operate from 1 up to 4 independent virtual SDR Receivers within the selected 10MHz bandwidth of the SDRplay hardware. The actual number of Virtual SDR receivers is limited by the processing power of the PC in use.
Main additional features of the RSP1A compared to the original RSP1:
ADC resolution increased to 14-bit native for sample rates below 6 MHz, increasing to 16 bits with decimation
Enhanced RF pre-selection (greater filter selectivity plus 4 additional sub-bands compared to the original RSP1) for reduced levels of spurious responses
Improved LNA architecture with variable gain - the RSP1 had just a single gain step
Improved intermodulation performance
Performance extended to cover 1kHz to 2 GHz with a single antenna port
Bias-T facility
Improved frequency stability incorporating a 0.5ppm TCXO (software trimmable to 0.01ppm)
Selectable broadcast AM/FM/DAB notch filters
RF shielding within the robust plastic casing
SDRplay RSP1A Specification:
Low Current: 185mA (excl Bias T)
Single 50Ω RF Connector (SMA)
USB 2.0 (high speed) type B socket
Frequency Range
Continuous Coverage 1kHz - 2GHz
Frequency Tolerance: 0.5ppm (Max)
ADC Characteristics
Sample frequency: 2 - 10.66MSPS
14-bit native ADC (2 - 6..48MSPS)
12-bit (6.048 - 8.064MSPS)
10-bit (8.064 - 9.216MSPS)
8-bit (>9.216MSPS)
Bias T
Software selectable 4.7V @ 100mA
High stability 0.5PPM TCXO
In-field trimmable to 0.01PPM
Maximum recommended input power
0dBm continuous, 10dBm for short periods
Typical Noise Figures
18dB @ 2MHz
15dB @ 12MHz
15dB @ 25MHz
15dB @ 40MHz
3.3dB @ 100MHz
3.3dB @ 200MHz
7.7dB @ 386MHz
3.6dB @ 660MHz
5.0dB @ 1500MHz
6.3dB @ 1800MHz
IF Modes
Zero IF, All IF bandwidths
Low IF, IF bandwidths ≤ 1.536MHz
IF Bandwidths
5.0 MHz
6.0 MHz
7.0 MHz
8.0 MHz
Front End Filtering
Automatically configured
Low Pass
Band Pass
2 - 12MHz
12 - 30MHz
30 - 60MHz
60 - 120MHz
120 - 150MHz
250 - 300MHz
300 - 380MHz
380 - 420MHz
420 - 1000MHz
High Pass
Notch Filters
FM Filter > 50dB 85 - 100MHz
MW Filter >30dB 660 - 1550kHz
DAB Filter >30dB 165 - 230MHz >3>30dB 660 - 1550kHz
>30dB 660 - 1550kHz




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